Trisha Sewell’s Suga Bomb

We are thrilled to welcome Trisha Sewell back to Oxford to teach her excellent and highly regarded Suga Bomb workshops!

The aim of the Suga Bomb is for all followers to feel fabulous and confident about their dancing. Trisha aims for followers to find their own ‘Unique Sweetness’ and develop a dancing look that sets them above the rest.  The workshops are designed to encourage followers to express their own personal individuality as dancers. Suga Bomb promotes self-analysis, self-expression and experimentation without creative boundaries. We gain inspiration from other female dancers (old and new) but understand the value in being different.

This is a two day “core” workshop. You can do one or both days.

Each day is about developing the skills to become a ‘Dynamic Follower’ and focusing on becoming visually stylish and feeling great whilst dancing, aptly named ‘Ab fab’.

These workshops are aimed at dancers that dance in the follow role from Improver level (OLH level 2) upwards. This is a gender neutral workshop and is also open to dancers that lead and also like to follow. There are a limited number of tickets available for this great opportunity to learn from one of the most highly regarded Lindy Hop teachers in the UK.

You can read more about the workshop here 

You can book the workshop here

One day is £35, you can do both days for £60 – Each day will run from 12 noon until 5pm including breaks. Full weekend tickets are now on sale with single days going on sale from 1 September (subject to availability).

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