Workshops with Al and Madeleine

Thursday, January 4, 2018 from 7:15 PM to 10:30 PM (BST) More Information →

Workshop: "Mastering the Dancefloor"

If you are an improver or intermediate dancer (Level 2 or 3 dancer at Cowley Cotton Club (or equivalent)) then this workshop will get you up to speed on how to put all your favourite moves into place on the dancefloor! No more stamping, kicking and bumping into your friends out there on the dance floor - just great floorcraft and superb dances. Madeleine and Al will put you through your paces to make sure that Hop the Halls and other social events are even more of a joy to attend :-)

Workshop: "Getting into the Ring: Jam Circles"

You will get some flash moves to make you ready to show off in a Jam Circle. Suitable for all levels, this will be especially useful if you've always wanted to get out in the middle of a Jam but haven't had the confidence to do so. Let Al and Madeleine help you gain the skills to show off at a Jam Circle any event (and maybe even the January Hop the Hall!!)