Oxford Lindy Exchange 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018 at 7:00 PM - Sunday, June 24, 2018 at 10:00 PM (BST) More Information →

Oxford Lindy Exchange is a weekend full of dancing, parties, music, friends, ice-cream and all the best things that Oxford can offer!

2018 promises to build on the previous Oxford Lindy exchanges - and outdo them! We have once again managed to secure the University of Oxford Student Union building as one of our venues (you generally never get the chance to see inside here so it is worth coming just to stand in this majestic bastion of history), we have bands, late night parties and Sunday afternoon tea... it's set to be a cracking weekend. 

Details are on:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OxfordLindyExchange
  • website: https://oxfordlindyhoppers.co.uk/weekenders/olx/ 

Full Weekend Ticket Prices: £63

If we have any tickets left over, we will release tickets just for Saturday Evening and for Sunday from 5 May 2018 at noon.

How to Register - READ ME!

We want you to have the best weekend of dancing that we can offer, and that means managing the bookings so that we balance leads and follows as much as we can.
We are not offering any early bird sales: all tickets have the same price.

Registering with a booking partner
If you have a booking partner, then this will help us balance the dancefloor.

One partner in the couple must register first using the "Couple" ticket option. Enter the name of your booking partner in the field provided and indicate your respective dance roles. Only one partner needs to go through the registration process and needs to buy two tickets - you will need to arrange payment between you.

Registering just for you
We want to balance leads and follows as much as we can, so we are operating an automatic waiting list for follows to ensure the best possible balance once the initial ticket allocation is sold.
If you are a Follow and do not have a booking partner to register with, once the initial allocation is sold, you should add yourself to the waiting list. As single leads book, we will then release more places for follows. Once it's your turn, you will receive an email with a payment link (only works once!). You will have 48 hours to register once you have been released from the waiting list so keep a close eye on your emails.

If you later secure a partner who has not booked, then ask them to add your name to the partner field on their booking form when they register. You (the Follow) will need to email us (oxfordlindyhoppers@gmail.com / subject: OLX waiting list) ​​so ​we can amend your booking and move you off the waiting list.

Follows released from the waiting list: Your email will contain a link. Copy and paste this link into your browser and follow it to the booking page: scroll down until you see the Follow ticket option (it will be the one at the bottom!). Select ‘1’ and then click the large ‘Order now’ button, which will lead you through some information for the weekend and payment options. Remember you can only use this link once!

Our registration and payment process will also ask you if you would like to volunteer and/or host and if you need hosting. Oxford Lindy Hoppers’ events are run by a team of volunteers who give up considerable amounts of their time and energy to making sure everything happens at the right time and the right place and everyone’s having fun - and extra pairs of hands are ALWAYS welcome over the course of the OLX weekend!

You don’t have to do loads, just whatever you are comfortable with will be a help - whether that’s helping to set up or set down an event, keep an eye on water and nibble supplies, being on the registration desk or door  for 15-30 minutes, or hosting a cheery out of town dancer for a couple of nights. Tick the volunteering or hosting boxes on the registration form and make your OLX Committee some very happy (and more relaxed) hoppers!
If you have any issues or questions then email the OLX committee at oxfordlindyexchange@gmail.com
Oxford is often cited as the most expensive place to live in the UK and, as a result, many local dancers live in shared accommodation without much space. As such there are not many opportunities for local dancers to host.
In order to ensure people asking for hosting are informed in good time that we are able to match them up with a host, we are going to limit the number of hosting spaces we can deal with to about 20. Based on our experience this is about the number that can be offered; we know it isn’t many and we're sorry. But we'd rather people know if they can have a space or not sooner rather than later. NB isn't not possible to restrict the number of hosting spaces within Eventbrite, so we will be getting in touch to tell you if we can offer anything or if you need to book accommodation. If in doubt, best to make a provisional booking somewhere early and get as good ideal as possible.

Note that by requesting hosting you confirm that you are 18 or over. We do not vet our hosts or hostees, but all will be attendees at the festival - if you come across any issues or inappropriate/uncomfortable behaviour please let the organizers know. This hasn’t happened in the past, but we’d just like to reiterate, due to the recent discussion over safe spaces, that this is something the committee cares about and will take seriously.
T Shirts and Bags!
Don't forget to order some OLX 2018 Merchandise before you check out!


Cancellation Policy

  • Registrations that are cancelled between 3 March 2018 and 1 April 2018 will receive a 75% refund less any booking fees.
  • Registrations that are cancelled between 1 April 2018 and 31 May 2018 will receive a 50% refund less any booking fees. 
  • Registrations that are cancelled on or after 1 June 2017 will not receive a refund.

Pass transfers

If for some reason you cannot attend the Exchange after you have booked you can either request a refund (see the event cancellation policy) or you can try to sell your pass. If you sell your pass, it must be sold to someone with the same dance role i.e. follow to follow, or lead to lead.  Both the seller and the buyer must email the organisers confirming the change in booking. Failure to inform the organising team will mean the buyer won't receive any info about the event, and may not be given entry. 


The Picnic and Saturday Late Night events are BYOB events. Please do not bring any alcohol to the other events. Alcohol will be available for purchase from a licensed bar for the Friday Late Night and Saturday Night events.