Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never been to a Lindy Hop or even a Dance Class before, you probably have lots of questions about how it works!

What is Lindy Hop?

Lindy Hop is a Swing Dance which originates from the 1920s and 30s and is normally danced to Swing Music. It is a vintage dance which can be danced in different ways.  Our classes will cover Lindy Hop and some Charleston,  but we run classes teaching or Blues and other styles such as Shag and Balboa too.  You can find out more detail by reading all about it here.

When should I come along?

You can come along on any week we are running â€“ there is no need to wait until a new term and no partner is necessary as everyone gets mixed together!

What should I wear

No special clothing is required to dance Lindy Hop – just make sure you are wearing something comfortable and be aware that you will get very warm! We recommend that you wear shoes without too much grip: flat or low-heeled shoes with smooth or slightly slippery soles are ideal.

Does it matter if I miss a lesson?

All our regular classes are drop in classes so you can come along to any of the regular classes.  We will always over the basics at the start of each class so you it doesn’t matter if you miss a class.

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