Associated teachers / bands

Oxford Lindy Hoppers was formed to create and enhance a wider community of Lindy dancers in Oxford. To do this we look to put on social dances, backed up with regular classes in Lindy Hop, and more recently Blues, and workshops. In the brief time that OLH has been operating we have managed to attract the following amazing international-level teachers to our events and we thank them all for taking the time to visit Oxford and our dance community:

  • Ursula Ader
  • Peter Ayres
  • Sonia Ortega Betriu
  • Adamo Cirallo
  • Ash Cochrane
  • Ben Cook
  • Scott Cupit
  • Ruth Evelyn
  • Andy Fleming
  • Mike Grosser
  • Anna Jeffries
  • Claudia Joyal Laplante
  • Annette Kühnle
  • Jay Le Roux
  • Megan McDonald
  • Cam Mitchell
  • Vicci Moore
  • Kenny Nelson
  • Ruby Red
  • Justin Riley
  • Brenda Russell
  • Trisha Sewell
  • Lucky Skillen
  • Andrew Smith
  • Jane Story
  • Davis Thurber
  • Ben Furieux van Hal
  • Lucas Weismann
  • Loz Yee

Oxford Lindy Hoppers is also grateful to the following bands and musicians for taking time to visit our dancing community and giving our socials a great vibe:

  • 52 Skidoo
  • Anders Schmanders
  • Benoir Villefon and his orchestra
  • Blue Harlem
  • Dan Nash
  • Down for the Count
  • JB Jazz and Blues
  • King Candy and the Sugar Push
  • Last Chance Ragtime Band
  • Little Moaner
  • Melody Room Jazz Band
  • Oxford Classic Jazz
  • Richard Brotherton
  • Swing Ninjas
  • The Donut Kings
  • Velody



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