This page is for all the other info that we thought you would want to know about, so have a look and check out some of the links below.

Other places to learn and dance

How to stretch!

  • How to warm up and warm down – a 2 page essential guide especially for aerials written by Dave Riches: Aerials Warmup

Dance shoes

You’ll need a proper pair of dance shoes before long! We recommend something that is smooth and slightly slippery.  Leather or suede soles are the best for dancing.

Music and swing

Would you like a nice basic little mix to practice to?  Ask at Cowley Cotton Club for one of our CDs (£5).

For an overview on all things swing, nothing beats Wikipedia:

Social dancing etiquette

We all need a little advice when going to a dance for the first time.  How do you ask someone to dance? What on earth should you bring with you?  Fear not, OLH have created a small filmette (and hopefully others will be forthcoming) or you can look at the details here: Elements of Dance Etiquette from Aria Nosratinia

Parking in Oxford


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