Organising Committee

OLH has a dedicated team of people who make sure that all the events get put on.  Here is the current committee:

IMG_0315Ellie Morgan-Jones has been dancing for around 4 years and is the OLH committee secretary, newsletter queen, and social media fairy.  She co-runs Cowley Cotton Club, helps run Hop the Hall and teaches Foundation & Level 1 Lindy Hop. She loves the 1940s look and wishes she was better at vintage hairstyles which stay up despite fast and furious dancing!
  Isabelle Mugai has been dancing in Oxford for about 4 years and has become an organiser and regular teacher of Lindy Hop and Blues. She is the main organiser of Bell Tower Blues, OLH’s blues section. She likes her dances to be fun, fun, fun! ME Matt Ellacott  has been dancing Lindy Hop and Blues since 2003, after popping into London’s 100 club and enjoys many of the ‘other’ vintage dances including Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep. Matt gets involved with generating all sorts of OLH fun. He DJs, is currently the OLH designer, and a generator of random jokes and innuendo.
Mark Sawko-Michalski started dancing in Aberystwyth (of all places) and never stopped. When not on the OLH com
mittee you’ll find Mark on the Oxford Lindy Exchange and Swing Festival committees, teaching, DJing and, of course, dancing!
 Jenni Vento caught the Lindy Hop bug in 2011 in Aberdeen  and has been hooked ever since. Planning and organising is very much her cup of tea, so she loves being on the committee. When not dancing or organising , she teaches, performs or DJs. 

As well as these core people we also rely on, and thank hugely, all the volunteers who help us with each event, and those who add to our teaching and DJ line up.

OLH History

Oxford Lindy Hoppers was formed at the end of July 2008 by Al Graham, Becky Hitch, Helen Gavin and Nancy Langham as a not-for-profit social dance group with a remit to increase the number of social dance events available to Lindy Hoppers in Oxford and the surrounding area.  A short history of OLH between 2008 – 2015 is available via this link: History of OLH.

Helen and Al started the first Hop the Hall social dance in August 2008 and not a single month has passed since without this event being run.  As the group began to grow, there was a demand for classes as well as social dancing.

In September 2009 Nancy launched Cowley Cotton Club with Richard Martin, which has been brilliantly supported by local dancers. In July 2011, the first Big Blue Fun Bus outing took place, not to mention our lindy bombs on Cornmarket, group trips to camps and Oxford Lindy Exchange!

In 2012 Vivien Nivesse launched Fast Track Classes, and the weekly social dance at Swing Fix and we are now holding even more workshops and live band dances! In early 2012 Vivien and Nancy also launched OLH Blues lessons, workshops and events.

In 2013 Cassiope Sydoriak and Vivien created and launched the OLH performance group: the Oxford Blue Cats.

Of course, this wouldn’t happen without a core team of committed Lindy enthusiasts who help out on the various committees. We thank each and every one for all the extra effort that they have put in over the years to make OLH what it is.

If you are keen to get involved, or  have an event idea, or one you’d like to run with us then just get in touch:

If you have an event that you’d like to run with us then feel free to ask OLH for advice and support.

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