Flea Hoppin’

Flea Hoppin’ is the name given to all things Collegiate Shag in Oxford, set up by Oxford Lindy Hoppers.

The next Collegiate Shag will be starting on 30th April 2019!

Shag Tuesdays!

Shag Tusdays will be back after the Easter break on April 30th.

What? fun and friendly collegiate shag classes (please see details below)

When? Tuesdays 18:30-19:30 from 30th April

Where? The Oxford Retreat, Hythe Bridge Street

How much? £5 (includes free entry to Swing Fix Social from 20:30)


Will the classes be beginner friendly?

This block will be building on the previous one so will be best suited to dancers who are comfortable with the basic double rhythm footwork. Please feel free to get in touch or ask Eleanor or Al at Swing Fix if you have any questions.

What should I wear?

Shag is quite energetic so we recommend soft comfortable shoes (e.g. light trainers) and light comfortable clothes. As the weather’s starting to warm up a change of T-shirt and a towel might still come in handy!

What are you going to teach?

We’re waiting to confirm how many weeks we have the venue available for so please keep an eye on facebook for updates but this is the current plan for the classes. We may add or change a few of the moves depending on numbers and experience. Do get in touch if there’s something you’d like us to cover.

Weeks 1 – Breaks

  • Fitting 6 and 8 count moves to the music
  • Moves: Lunges, Camel hops, Roll off the log, more if there’s time!

Week 2 – Turns

  • Body positioning and frame
  • Transitioning between open, closed and side by side position to prepare for turns
  • Moves: arch turn (single and double), pass by and change of places, free spin (natural and reverse), tuck turn

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