Thursday drop-in classes

Cowley Cotton Club

We are BACK! Our 2018 Spring term starts on 11 January 2018 and runs until 22 March 2018. Check out our new timetable below!


Cowley Cotton Club (CCC) is our main teaching night, on Thursday evenings.  It comprises 4 lessons (2 classes taking place in parallel) and a social dance, every Thursday during our term time. You can come along on any week we are running – there is no need to wait until a new term and no partner is necessary as everyone gets mixed together!

When term is running, we will try to post on facebook who is teaching, and what is planned for each week!

Where is it?

Find us upstairs at the East Oxford Community Centre, 44 Princes St, at the corner with Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1DD.

What is it?

Classes run from 7:30 to 9:30 (Foundation Level beginners at 7.45pm and Level 1: Beginners, at 8:30pm) followed by social dancing until 10:30pm and then a trip to G&Ds for ice cream and chats! Every Thursday evening during our term time join us for classes and social dancing!

Our classes are driven by technique but focus on teaching in an inclusive and fun way. If you have any questions, then drop us an email (oxfordlindyhoppers AT gmail DOT com)!

The lessons are:

  • 7:30pm Level 2: Improvers. Suitable for those who have done 2 terms of Level 1 classes
  • 7:45pm: Foundation.  This is specifically targeted to absolute beginners and people who have not done any lindy Hop before
  • 8:30pm Level 1: Beginners.  Suitable for absolute beginners only if the Foundation class on the same night has been taken
  • 8:30pm Level 3: Intermediate and beyond!, Suitable for those who have taken Level 2 for at least 3 terms
  • 9:30pm Social dancing for everyone!

Click here to download the 2018 Spring Term Rota or view it by clicking on the image below (and then clicking again to make it bigger):




What class should I come to?

We recommend everyone takes 2 classes, for example:

  • Foundation and Level 1  if you are a beginner or absolute beginner
  • Level 1 and Level 2 if you becoming confident with 6 count, 8 count moves
  • Level 2 and Level 3 if you are competent in mixing all 3 footwork styles and are confident about lead and following in a dynamic relaxed way.

 What’s the cost?

  • One lesson and the social dance = £6 (£5 concessions)
  • Two classes and the social dance = £7 (£6 concessions)
  • Just the social dance = £3

What should I wear?

No special clothing is required to dance lindy hop – just make sure you are wearing something comfortable and be aware that you will get very warm! We recommend that you wear shoes without too much grip: flat or low-heeled shoes with smooth or slightly slippery soles are ideal.

What is taught?

Here are CCC levels demystified for you!

  •  Foundation! (7:45pm):  This is a class for absolute beginners to lindy hop, and partner dance.  In this class we will go over the fundamental aspects of partner dancing, lead and follow and lindy hop footwork.  We recommend everyone new to dancing and lindy hop attends these classes!  The Level 1 Beginner class will assume that people have attended the Foundation Class.  There are three different footwork patterns in Lindy Hop and so we recommend you attend the Foundation Class each week, as it will be tailored to underpin the footwork  being taught in the Level 1  class on the same night.  People can sometimes struggle in mastering the footwork sufficiently to be able to focus on other aspects of lindy hop. So attending the Foundation class will ensure you get as much practice as possible!
  •  Level 1 Beginner Lindy Hop (8:30pm): For beginners! This class is taught so that it is suitable for absolute beginners if they have taken the Foundation class on the same night. Level 1 is a super class that will get you smiling and dancing, as it cunningly meshes cool steps and technique in a fun and friendly lesson! We recommend that people take at least 3 terms of level 1. The focus will be on getting you onto the social dance floor with an arsenal of basic moves that will keep you hopping all night! You should aim to complete at least 2 terms (ie ~20 classes) before also attending Level 2.
  •  Level 2 Improvers (7:30pm): This class takes the opinion that you are now a keen lindy hopper and are looking to improve as well as have lots of fun! The class focuses on teaching the core moves with sound technique. There is a strong emphasis on the core moves of Lindy Turn, Swing Out, Lindy Circle, and the different footwork patterns. The class will also spend time on the ‘core’ competencies of lead and follow, compression and extension, body positioning and other essentials. When you first start attending Level 2, we strongly encourage you to keep attending Level 1 classes as well to ensure your fundamental steps continue to be honed and become second nature!
  •  Level 3 Intermediate and beyond! (8:30pm): Now it starts to get more challenging. But challenges are good as they make you a stronger and better dancer! This class assumes that you are comfortable with the core moves and competencies, and that you are ready to take them to the next level by continuing to develop them, and also focusing on other aspects such as floor craft, musicality, and complex moves, all within a quicker pace of teaching. We assume that you can dance the following moves well and on demand without even thinking about it: 6 count, 8 count, Charleston footwork, lindy turn, swing out, tandem Charleston, lindy circle and more. We also strongly encourage you to keep attending Level 2 classes as well to ensure your technique continues to be developed and to help new Level 2 dancers!