Our next Fast Track is…

We have two Fast-tracks coming up, starting with

Lindy-Hop: 6-27 September 2016

Go from zero to hero and take your Lindy to the next level. Aimed at level 1 dancers wanting to progress to level 2 this is a special 4-week course for learning and mastering some of the 8-count fundamentals of Lindy Hop for Beginner level dancers. Starting on Tuesday 6th September and running until Tuesday 27th, the classes are tailored towards getting you confident in mastering the essential moves you’ll need to really get your swing on! Find out more and book here.


Want to take your dancing to the next level with a consistent set of lessons and personal attention? Fast-Tracks is for you! Our teachers will accompany you through 4 or 6 weeks of lessons tailored to the level of the class (maximum 6 couples!), give you personal feedback, and make sure you get tons of technical tips, moves, mixed with a lot of fun. You don’t need a partner but you need to book in advance for the whole course (keep an eye on the Special events tab for new courses). The level for the classes are advertised a couple of months in advance.

Where is it?

Find us upstairs at the Jericho Tavern, 56 Walton St, Oxford, OX2 6AE.

What is it?

Classes must be booked in advance and there’s only space for 6 couples so buddy up and book early.  The class ethos is the same, but the method employed is a much more intense burst of teaching.

The benefits to you are:

  • small classes with equal number of leaders and followers (limited to 5 couples)
  • personal, honest feedback;
  • a set curriculum that will make sure you learn the essential material; and
  • FREE entrance to the Swing Fix social dance following the classes.

The lessons are held upstairs at same venue as Swing Fix and take place immediately before the Swing Basics class.  ‘Like’ our facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news.

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