tap-into-the-shim-sham-fb-banner2Our next workshop is

Tap into the Shim-Sham!- Saturday 18th March, 11.30am, East Oxford Primary School

Learn the Shim-Sham as you’ve (probably) never seen it before: as a tap routine! Join Lexi Bradburn from Sole Rebel Tap for three hours of tip-top tapping as you learn a version of the Shim-Sham.

You won’t need a partner or even any tap shoes; just wear close-fitting shoes that have soles that are not too grippy.

For full details including venue, timings, cost and booking, please click here.

General workshop info:

At OLH we aim to build on our weekly lessons by holding a number of workshops. All details of upcoming workshops, and information on how to register will be made available through the News tab.

There are two types of workshop: those taught by OLH teachers, designed to build on a specific aspect of the teaching that occurs at Cowley Cotton Club and Swing Fix and those taught by teachers from other scenes.

If you have an idea for a specific workshop that you’d like to OLH to put on then please drop us a line via email or Facebook. We also encourage all our dancers to investigate and attend workshops and events in other scenes to broaden your dancing