Lindy Lift offOur next workshop is

Lindy Launchpad!- Saturday 1 April, 13.30, East Oxford Community Centre £20

Michael and Jenn are coming to Oxford to launch your lindy hop to the next level with an afternoon of classes that will focus on some of the fundamental building blocks of all lindy moves before tackling the big daddy of them all the Swing Out itself!

Leaders can expect to develop a greater awareness of how their own body movement affects their partner and how they can transfer momentum and direction to their partners effectively and consciously.

Followers will hone their body-listening skills by understanding how their body mechanics affect their ability translate information received from their leaders as well as learning how to bring their swishy swivels to life in a swing out!

For full details including venue, timings, cost and booking, please click here.

General workshop info:

OLH aim to build on our weekly lessons by holding a number of workshops. All details of upcoming workshops, and information on how to register will be made available through the News tab.

There are two types of workshop: those taught by OLH teachers, designed to build on a specific aspect of the teaching that occurs at Cowley Cotton Club and Swing Fix and those taught by teachers from other scenes.

If you have an idea for a specific workshop that you’d like to OLH to put on then please drop us a line via email or Facebook. We also encourage all our dancers to investigate and attend workshops and events in other scenes to broaden your dancing skills.