Al & Madeleine’s Super Summer Workshops! Thursday 9th August 2018

Al & Madeleine are back for another summer evening of workshops.

There will be two workshops, each aimed at “Level 2 and 3 CCC” students or their equivalent i.e. improver/intermediate.

19:15 – 20:45 Cor! concepts
21:00 – 22:30 (Fl- / Tr-) ash!

The first workshop will concentrate on some core moves and will provide you with techniques to improve on the basics, as well as the possibility of a few variations.
The second workshop will look at different flash (or trash – you decide!) moves that will help you and your partner look great on the dancefloor at the next big social you attend.

Tickets cost £10 for each 90 minute workshop.
Hopefully you’ll find these workshops fun and challenging.
Book your place now!

General workshop info:

OLH aim to build on our weekly lessons by holding a number of workshops. All details of upcoming workshops, and information on how to register will be made available through the News tab.

There are two types of workshop: those taught by OLH teachers, designed to build on a specific aspect of the teaching that occurs at Cowley Cotton Club and Swing Fix and those taught by teachers from other scenes.

If you have an idea for a specific workshop that you’d like to OLH to put on then please drop us a line via email or Facebook. We also encourage all our dancers to investigate and attend workshops and events in other scenes to broaden your dancing skills.

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